Can you hike at Elkhorn Slough?

Are there sharks in Elkhorn Slough?

It's now home to those sharks, rays, about 100 species of fish and 120 kinds of birds, but for years the marshland was diked, drained and used as ranch land. The Elkhorn Dairy, as it was known, was in production for more than 50 years.Jul 12, 2012

Can you swim in Elkhorn Slough?

A favorite way to see the slough is in a kayak or canoe. Paddling just above the water level, you can come face to face with a mischievous sea otter swimming on its back, a harbor seal lounging in the mud, or a grebe about to dive for fish.

Can you sup in Elkhorn Slough?

The Elkhorn Slough is one of the best places to go stand up paddling, if you're into exploring waterways, meeting curious wildlife, and basking in the serenity of an isolated SUP…and who isn't?! ... Motorized boats aren't allowed, so kayakers and SUP-ers have the run of the place. Not that you'll see many around.Jan 23, 2014

Is Moss Landing Beach closed?

Moss Landing State Beach. The beach is open for day use. Parking is available to vehicles on a limited basis.

Where can I launch my kayak in Elkhorn Slough?

You can launch your kayak at the Moss Landing Harbor District Launch Ramp at the North Harbor, located on Hwy 1, north of Moss Landing (near the kayak shops) or Kirby Park along Elkhorn Road, north of the Elkhorn Slough Reserve. Small watercraft can also launch in the Harbor of Moss Landing.

Why is Elkhorn Slough important?

Wetlands like Elkhorn Slough serve key functions in pollution control and food provision, offering green, sustainable, low cost and efficient ways to clean wastewater of impurities and recycle nutrients, and also serve as cradles of biodiversity by hosting young fish and other marine species as well as rice paddies – ...Oct 5, 2018

What kind of fish are in the Elkhorn Slough?

Elkhorn Slough is a stream near Prunedale. The most popular species caught here are Leopard shark, Cabezon, and Barred surfperch.

What animals live in a slough?

Watching sea otters, sea lions, seals, brown pelicans, American avocets, cormorants, egrets, terns and a host of other wildlife from the water is an experience that provides a unique perspective of how the slough is used by the native inhabitants.

What do you wear kayaking in Santa Cruz?

A hat (one that won't fly off in the wind), sunscreen and polarized sunglasses are a must. The water reflects the sun back up onto your face, even if you're wearing a hat, and can leave you looking like a lobster by the time you paddle back to the docks!

image-Can you hike at Elkhorn Slough?
image-Can you hike at Elkhorn Slough?

How long does it take to kayak the Elkhorn Slough?

Guided Tour Elkhorn Slough - Kayak 2.5 hour

Recommended for adults and kids over 13 years old (with adults).


Where can I see sea otters in Elkhorn Slough?

Here at the slough they can be found in open water or hauled out on the mudflats in the main slough channel, from Moss Landing harbor to Hudson Landing, but are most common in the North harbor area.Feb 14, 2017


Are dogs allowed at Elkhorn Slough?

Dogs are not allowed at the Elkhorn Slough Reserve. We also ask that you do not plan on leaving your pet in your vehicle while you are visiting. Our parking area does not have any shade. There are many areas (like the Reserve) that do not allow dogs due to bird nesting and other wildlife concerns.Jan 10, 2017

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