Does BMO Field have a roof?

What sections of BMO Field are covered?

BMO Field has four super columns that hold up the roof to protect fans from inclement weather conditions. The canopy covers all seats in the east, west and south stands. Fans are still advised to be prepared for all types of weather.

Is BMO Field real grass?

A hybrid system now exists on the field located at the site of the former Exhibition Stadium on the city's lakeshore. It's still essentially a full natural turf surface – estimated at about 95 per cent – but stitched-in artificial fibres have been introduced to give it greater wear tolerance and playability.May 15, 2019

Can you smoke at BMO Field?

Smoking (including e-cigarettes or vapourizers) except in specifically designated areas. Sitting in a location other than the seat identified on the guest's ticket.Nov 17, 2021

Do I have to wear a mask at BMO Field?

Face Coverings Required

A 3-ply mask that completely and snugly covers your nose, mouth and sits securely under your chin are mandatory at all times including when sitting in the stands, unless when eating or drinking.

Can I bring a backpack to BMO Field?

To protect our fans, employees and team and to align with league standards, a restricted bag policy is in place at BMO Field. ... No buckles, grommets/hardware or décor can be concealing any part of the bag. The bag must be all clear.

How many parking spots are at BMO Field?

A total of 14 parking spaces are provided exclusively for energy efficient hybrid electric/gasoline vehicles. These preferred spaces are located in Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the indoor garage, in close proximity to the wheelchair accessible spaces.

Who built BMO Field?

BMO Field was built at a cost of 62.9 million and funded by a unique public partnership between three levels of government and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment LTD.

Does TFC play on grass?

Before every game, Toronto FC captain Michael Bradley inspects the pitch. And he's not someone you want mad at you. For Heggie, the new hybrid grass should deliver a firmer, truer, more consistent playing surface — something Toronto FC players have been clamouring for.Apr 11, 2019

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