Does Houston have a downtown?

Is it safe to walk in downtown Houston?

Downtown is safe - day or night. Like any large tourist city, it's advised to stay in areas that are reasonably open and well lit - don't go shooting down some unknown back alley way or looking for trouble, and you'll be just fine.

Is downtown Houston good?

Downtown is in Harris County and is one of the best places to live in Texas. Living in Downtown offers residents an urban feel and most residents rent their homes. In Downtown there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many young professionals live in Downtown and residents tend to be liberal.

What is downtown Houston known for?

Downtown has been the city's preeminent commercial district since its founding in 1836. Today home to nine Fortune 500 corporations, Downtown contains 50 million square feet (4,600,000 m2) of office space and is the workplace of 150,000 employees. Downtown is also a major destination for entertainment and recreation.

What is the safest area in Houston?

The safest city in the Houston-area is Fulshear, despite falling from the No. 1 spot on the list to No. 2. Along with Fulshear, West University Place, Friendswood, Santa Fe and Manvel were ranked within the top 50.May 6, 2021

Is Sunnyside in Third Ward?

According to their findings, people in the 3rd Ward neighborhood have a 1 in 13 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime. Sunnyside, near Scott street and Wilmington street, came in at number 6 on the list. ... The University of Houston and Texas Southern University are both located in the 3rd Ward area.May 1, 2013

Where can I watch the sunset in downtown Houston?

Twilight Epiphany Skyspace

It has two viewing platforms and a LED show right around sunset. The rooftop upper deck offers the sunset and an extraordinary view of the Houston skyline. From the lower deck, you can see the sky through a frame.

Where in Houston should I live?

Houston-area suburbs Cinco Ranch in Katy, Sugar Land and The Woodlands are the top three places to live in Houston for 2020, according to a new report from the data education website Niche.Apr 30, 2020

Is it safe to walk at night in Houston?

HOUSTON, TX – A Gallup poll showed only 63% of Houstonians feel safe walking alone at night in their own neighborhood. This contradicts recent FBI statistics that rate Sugar Land as the second-safest city in the state of Texas. ...May 15, 2013

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