How big is Chateau du Haut Koenigsbourg?

What is Château du Haut Kœnigsbourg known for?

The castle today

Today, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the region. For many years it was considered fashionable in France to sneer at the castle because of its links to the German emperor. Many considered it to be nothing more than a fairy tale castle similar to Neuschwanstein.

Why was Château du Haut Kœnigsbourg built?

The castle was built in the 12th century by the Hohenstaufens and was first mentioned in 1147 by the name 'Staufenberg'. Its strategic position above the Alsace Plain allowed its occupants to watch the main roads of the region and also to be used as an important site to which to withdraw.Nov 27, 2012

What is the Alsace wine route?

Located in eastern France, the Alsace Wine Route spans 170 km, starting near Strasbourg in the north and ending just south of Colmar. This area is a wonderful blend of French and German culture. Colorful, half-timbered buildings line cobblestoned streets.Apr 7, 2021

What is Alsace famous for?

Alsace is famous for its beer (for example, Kronenbourg or Meteor), its sauerkraut (choucroute in French), and several other local specialities such as Alsace Flammekueche, a traditional dish that is not unlike a pizza without tomatoes, but covered with cheese, cream, mushrooms and local ham.

How long is the Alsace wine route?

The legendary 170-km-long Alsace Wine Route passes through a string of picturesque villages, well-known wine-producing towns and exceptional landscapes.

Where was Château du Haut Kœnigsbourg built?

Located in the Vosges mountains just west of Sélestat, situated in a strategic area on a rocky spur overlooking the Upper Rhine Plain, it was used by successive powers from the Middle Ages until the Thirty Years' War when it was abandoned. From 1900 to 1908 it was rebuilt at the behest of the German kaiser Wilhelm II.

What to do in Haut-Koenigsbourg?

  • A unique journey to the heart of everyday life in a medieval castle. A jewel of medieval architecture, Haut-Koenigsbourg is also a place for living, where history is written in stone. The various rooms of the castle evoke scenes of medieval life:

Why is the restoration of the Haut-Koenigsbourg so important?

  • Today, the restoration is admired more for its educational potential: although it is not altogether perfect, the result is undeniably authentic. Much to the delight of fortress enthusiasts, this restoration of the Haut-Koenigsbourg offers a remarkable insight into 15 th century mountain fortresses in the Alsace region.

What does kolnigsburg mean in German?

  • In 1192 the castle changed its name to “ Kœnigsburg ” meaning “royal castle” in the German dialect. Later turned into a robbers’ hideout, the castle was besieged in 1462 by a coalition army conquering the towns of Colmar, Strasbourg and Basel.


How many days do you need in Alsace?

For the best experience, plan to spend at least 3 days on the Alsace wine route. This gives you enough time to day trip to the towns, dine on the Alsatian food, go on wine tastings, and truly experience this region. During our visit, we typically visited four towns per day.Apr 7, 2021


Are Alsatians from Alsace?

The Alsace region of France. Alsatians (people), a person from the Alsace region of France or a speaker of the Alsatian language. Alsatian dialect, the language or dialect of the Alsace region of northeast France. German Shepherd, a breed of dog also known as an Alsatian in the United Kingdom.


What language is spoken in Alsace?

Alsatian is a Germanic dialect spoken in Alsace. Even though the French government forbade the use of Germanic languages in schools in 1945, the dialect saw something of a revival in the 1970s when a number of independent movements fought against the state's crackdown on regional languages.Feb 23, 2017


Where do you fly into to go to Alsace?

The nearest airport to Alsace is Strasbourg (SXB) Airport which is 31 km away. Other nearby airports include Karlsruhe/Baden Baden (FKB) (72.2 km), Basel (BSL) (78.4 km), Zurich (ZRH) (127.2 km) and Stuttgart (STR) (137.4 km).


What is the most planted red grape in Alsace?

Riesling, is the most planted grape, Pinot Blanc and Auxerrois represent the largest volume of appellation production. . Alsace Rieslings are characteristically dry, more powerful, and higher in alcohol than German Rieslings.


Where is Chateau Haut-Koenigsbourg?

  • Chateau Haut-Koenigsbourg is a castle situated on a hilltop near Kintzheim and just west of Sélestat in Alsace (in the commune of Orschwiller). The castle is one of the most visited sites in Alsace, and in France, both for the castle itself and the far-reaching views.


Where is Château de l'œdenbourg located?

  • Located just below Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg is the ruin of Château de l'Œdenbourg, which is also known as Petit-Kœnigsbourg and is a historical monument in its own right. Construction of Château de l'Œdenbourg was started somewhere in the middle of the thirteenth century.


Was La Grande Illusion filmed at Haut-Kœnigsbourg?

  • Indeed, Bodo Ebhardt restored the castle following a close study of the remaining walls, archives and other fortified castles built at the same period. Parts of the 1937 film La Grande Illusion by Jean Renoir were shot at Haut-Kœnigsbourg.


Do you need a health passport to enter Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle?

  • According to new announcements made by the government, the health passport will be compulsory from 21 July for people over the age of 18 to enter the castle. Online ticket purchase is mandatory at This fairy tale castle looks down majestically across the Alsace plain for more then 850 years.


Is Alsace its own country?

Alsace is a region in north-eastern France that borders Switzerland and Germany. ... Although Alsace is part of France, its borders have not always been clear. The region has been passed between French and German control several times since 1681, when Strasbourg was conquered by French forces.Feb 23, 2017


What is meant by Alsace?

Alsace. / (ælˈsæs, French alzas) / noun. a region and former province of NE France, between the Vosges mountains and the Rhine: famous for its wines.


Where is Chateau du Haut-Kœnigsbourg?

  • The Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg ( French pronunciation: ​[ʃato dy o.kœniɡsbuʁ]; German: Hohkönigsburg) is a medieval castle located in the commune of Orschwiller in the Bas-Rhin département of Alsace, France, Located in the Vosges mountains just west of Sélestat, situated in a strategic area on...

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