How do I get to Victoria?

Where is the best place to tour Victoria BC?

  • Experienced guides gladly show you the mesmerizing capital of British Columbia and reveal Victoria’s well-rounded history. The tour begins near Victoria Harbour, close to downtown, and slowly goes by some of the many beautiful heritage homes in Southern Vancouver Island.

How to explore Victoria BC without a car?

  • 25 Ways to Explore Victoria, BC Without a Car. 1. Sip Tea Like a Local. 2. Take a Horse Carriage Ride Around Town. 3. Shop the Victoria Public Market. 4. Discover Regional Cultures and Ancient Artifacts. 5. Hop on a Bike for a Tour of Castles, Hoods and Legends.

How to get from Vancouver Island to downtown Victoria?

  • Once on Vancouver Island, catch the 70 express bus or 72 bus to downtown Victoria (1 hour +). The total cost, including the ferry, will cost around $30. Victoria is not a huge city, and thus, there is no subway train system. There is, however, a pretty good public bus network, as well as taxis to get you around.

image-How do I get to Victoria?
image-How do I get to Victoria?
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