How do you use headquarters in a sentence?

What mean by headquarters?

1 : a place from which a commander performs the functions of command. 2 : the administrative center of an enterprise.Dec 10, 2021

What are headquarters used for?

Headquarters (commonly referred to as HQ) denotes the location where most, if not all, of the important functions of an organization are coordinated.

Why is it called headquarters?

The word has been around since the 1600's, from the "most important or principal" meaning of head and quarters, originally "military dwelling place," and later "lodgings."

Which is correct headquarter or headquarters?

The noun headquarters can be either singular or plural. In both cases, it is written with an s at the end; headquarter as a noun is incorrect. The noun headquarters is generally singular: National Defence Headquarters occupies a building complex in downtown Ottawa.

Do I capitalize headquarters?

Headquarters and/or Washington Headquarters is capitalized when referring to a Washington, DC, organization or office. ... State(s) is always capitalized when referring to any of the 50 States of the Union. The word "statewide" is never capitalized unless it is at the beginning of a sentence.

Where is the headquarter of India?

Janpath, New Delhi-110001.Dec 13, 2021

Why is headquarters plural?

3 Answers. Nouns that look like plurals, because they end in -s, but whose meaning is collective or composite, are known as 'pluralia tantum'. Headquarters is one such, and premises, surroundings and outskirts are others. Headquarters is unusual in that it can be followed either by a singular or by a plural verb.

What is a regional headquarter?

A Regional Headquarters (RHQ) in the Philippines is an administrative branch of a foreign corporation engaged in international trade in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region and other foreign markets. ... Hence, any liabilities that it will incur are considered liabilities of the head office of its parent company.

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