How long is the Sunken Meadow Trail?

How much does it cost to get into Sunken Meadow?

It is forty-six miles from Manhattan on the northern terminus of Sunken Meadow/Sagtikus Parkway. Long Island Expressway exit 53. Vehicle Use Fees: April 5 – May 18: 8am-4pm, weekends – $8/car – May 27 – September 7: 7am – 6pm weekends and holidays; 8am-4pm weekdays – $10/car.

Is Sunken Meadow State Park free?

Free Entrance Fee after 6pm! - Review of Sunken Meadow State Park, Kings Park, NY - Tripadvisor.

What town is Sunken Meadow State Park?

Sunken Meadow State Park, also known as Governor Alfred E. Smith State Park, is a 1,287-acre (5.21 km2) state park located in the Town of Smithtown in Suffolk County, New York on the north shore of Long Island.

Can I bring my dog to Sunken Meadow Beach?

Pet Policy: Pets are allowed in undeveloped areas only. Pets are to be supervised at all times and either be crated or on a leash not more than 6-feet in length.

Can I grill on Sunken Meadow?

Sunken Meadow contains many open field areas where people enjoy sports along with picnics. Sunken Meadow is among the most popular picnic park on Long Island. You will find grills and many picnic tables throughout the park. Sunken Meadow Park features a 27 hole golf course.Dec 8, 2020

Can you swim at Sunken Meadow State Park?

Considered “the jewel of the North Shore,” it offers swimming along three miles of beach, biking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, horseback riding, amazing tidal flats, salt marshes and huge glacial bluffs overlooking the waters that draw thousands of visitors each year.

Can you ride bikes at Sunken Meadow?

We ride bikes at Sunken Meadow Park all the time and just love it. ... The other GREAT part of this park is the board walk on the water. It goes for over a mile and is great for a slow stroll or for a power walk exercise session.

Can you kayak at Sunken Meadow State Park?

Sunken Meadow State Park

Round trip on river takes about 5 hours. Parking pass required from Memorial Day to week after Labor Day. Obtain FREE seasonal pass at park office, located in main building at Field 1. Drop kayak on grass and park in marked stall.

How high is Heartken Meadow?

Cardiac is a half-mile 150-foot climb topped with a super steep incline to reach the summit. It strikes fear in some, but to have any success at the “Meadow,” runners have one choice — overcome Hernia, then conquer Cardiac.Sep 28, 2016

image-How long is the Sunken Meadow Trail?
image-How long is the Sunken Meadow Trail?

Where can I fish at Sunken Meadow State Park?

"Big Rock" area is a very good spot to fish for striped bass. The mouth of the Nissequoque River (1 mile East from field #3) shown at the high tide. The mouth of the river is a premium fishing area with strong current and deep water. Best tide: outgoing and low, best time: from 11p.


Does Sunken Meadow charge after Labor Day?

It is open all year with plenty of parking. During the summer the fee is $10 from 7am to 4pm every day. After Labor Day the fee is $8 on the weekends.

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