How long were Jim Stafford and Bobbie Gentry married?

What is Jim Stafford famous for?

Jim wrote many of the songs for which he is famous and has brought his inimitable style to several movie soundtracks. He received a gold record for his work in the Disney movie The Fox and The Hound and writes for other popular artists such as his Can't Get The Hell Out of Texas recorded by George Jones and Jerry Reed.

Where is Jim Stafford now?

Today, Stafford spends his time between travel performances and productions at the renowned Jim Stafford Theater in Branson, Missouri, which he started in 1990.Jun 11, 2019

Is Jim Stafford still married to Bobbie Gentry?

On October 15, 1978, Gentry married singer and comedian Jim Stafford with whom she had a son, Tyler Gentry Stafford. Gentry and Stafford divorced in September 1980.

Does Jim Stafford still perform in Branson Missouri?

Jim Stafford Show is not currently scheduled in 2021, or unavailable booking through us at this time.Oct 1, 2016

Was Jim Stafford on Andy Griffith?

I remember seeing Jim Stafford on an episode of the Andy Griffith show. If I remember right, he played kind of a drifter/con-man that played guitar and Andy and Co. were very taken in by him until Andy figured out who and what he really was.Jun 5, 2008

What happened Shea Stafford?

SHEAFFER “SHEA” STAFFORD, 27, of Branson, MO, passed on to Heaven on November 26, 2020. Born on February 18, 1993, Shea joined his father, nationally-known entertainer Jim Stafford, and his mother, Ann Britt Stafford, on stage just 6 days after his birth.Nov 26, 2020

How did Bobbie Gentry make her money?

She was one of the original owners of the NBA's Phoenix suns, owns tens of millions of dollars worth of real estate (mainly in California) and earned more than $3 million in royalties when Reb McEntire covered her song Fancy.

Who was Jim Stafford's first wife?

Personal life. In the late 1970s, Stafford was married briefly to singer-songwriter Bobbie Gentry, and they have a son, Tyler Gentry Stafford. Stafford was also married to Ann Britt Stafford for 24 years.

Is Ode to Billy Joe a true story?

No. While Bobbie Gentry admits the story is fictionalized, she did explain that it was inspired by the 1954 murder of Emmett Till. Till was only 14 years old when he was shot and thrown over the Black Bayou Bridge in Mississippi for offending a woman in a grocery store.

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image-How long were Jim Stafford and Bobbie Gentry married?
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