How much is season pass to Six Flags?

How long does the season pass last for Six Flags?

  • With a Six Flags Season Pass (or Membership) you can visit the park as many times as you like from the time you purchase your pass until the end of the season (at the majority of the parks, the season ends on December 31 — so a Season Pass purchased in April of 2017 is valid until December of 2017. End dates vary depending on the park).

What time does Six Flags over Ga close?

  • Six Flags Over Georgia Hours Usually, Six Flags Over Georgia starts its working post 10:30 AM and stays up till 9 PM or 10 PM based on the day of the week. Better check out the Park Operating Schedule on the day of your visit as the park hours may subject to change. Six Flags Contact Info

What hotels are near Six Flags over Georgia?

  • Located off I-20 in Austell , GA, 15 minutes from Downtown Atlanta, Wingate by Wyndham Atlanta/Six Flags Austell is the closest hotel to Six Flags Over Georgia, the region's most exciting amusement park.

image-How much is season pass to Six Flags?
image-How much is season pass to Six Flags?
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