How would you describe cecece?

Who is Cece from MuchMusic?

  • Though most of us know Hannah Simone as Cece, Jessica Day's childhood BFF, music fans in Canada may remember her as a host on MuchMusic, Canada's answer to MTV. As Business Insider reports, the star became a VJ a year after hosting Space for Living.

What is Cece from New Girl's real name?

  • This is the untold truth of Cece from New Girl. Hannah Simone didn't have your average upbringing. The star was a world traveler before most of us could even graduate elementary school or locate Europe on a map. According to Business Insider, the star was born in London and spent most of her childhood in Alberta, Canada.

Who is CeCe Woods?

  • Cece Woods considers herself the “accidental activist”. Having spent most her childhood on sands of Zuma Beach, Cece left Southern California in her early 20’s, but it was only a matter of time before she returned to the idyllic place that held so many wonderful memories from her youth.

image-How would you describe cecece?
image-How would you describe cecece?
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