Is Hot Springs and Magic Springs the same?

Does Arkansas have a theme park?

While there are plenty of tourist attractions in Arkansas, Magic Springs & Crystal Falls, a two-for-one theme park and water park, is the only true theme park in the state. Among the roller coasters and log rides, they have the X Coaster, which is one of the biggest reasons to visit this park.

Where is Magic Springs theme and water park?

Magic Springs Theme and Water Park is located in beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas and offers the state's only theme park, water park and concert amphitheater in one location for one low price. Get admission to all three ways to play with any general admission ticket or Season Pass.

How much is magic screams?

3 Tickets are $29.99 plus tax for adults, $24.99 plus tax for children. Visit Magic Springs' website or call 501-624-0100 for more information.Sep 19, 2019

Does Hot Springs have a water park?

Magic Springs Theme and Water Park is located in Hot Springs and is Arkansas's only theme and water park.Apr 3, 2019

What is the biggest water park in Arkansas?

Wild River Country | Arkansas' Largest Water Park | North Little Rock, AR.

Does Alabama have an amusement park?

There are two decent-sized theme parks in Alabama, Owa and Alabama Splash Adventure (although the latter is more of a water park). ... If you want more amusement park thrills and theme park fun, you could travel to nearby states.Sep 14, 2019

Does Tennessee have an amusement park?

Thanks to Tennessee native Dolly Parton and her fabulous Dollywood, the state has a large, highly regarded theme park. And adjacent to Dollywood is Tennessee's biggest water park, Splash Country. But the state has several other amusement parks and water parks (including some indoor ones) to explore.Dec 8, 2021

Is there a Six Flags in Little Rock Arkansas?

Six Flags Arkansas is an amusement park located in Little Rock, Arkansas. It is currently owned and operated by Six Flags.

What are the best amusement parks in Texas?

  • Summer Adventures in Dallas is considered one of the best amusement parks in Texas. This park offers one of a kind attractions, such as a large Lego area, and giant sand castles.

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What are fun things to do in Hot Springs Arkansas?

  • Other things to do in Hot Springs Arkansas include; going to the park with your family to walk your dog or have a picnic. Go to the nearest mall to do some shopping at the stores that are located inside. Take your family out to see a movie; it will be quiet but it will still be an excellent bonding experience.


How many acres does hot springs National Park have?

  • The smallest of the U.S. National Parks-at 5,550 acres-Hot Springs National Park borders the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas, a town that's turned a profit from tapping into the park's main resource-mineral-rich waters.


What state is hot springs National Park located?

  • Hot Springs National Park is located within the city of Hot Springs in southwest central Arkansas approximately 1 hour west of Little Rock.

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