Is snorkeling in Tulum Mexico worth it?

What to do in Tulum Mexico?

  • Make sure your travel itinerary includes not only visiting the Mayan Ruins, lying on the breath-taking white sandy beaches, but also some underwater exploration like snorkeling Tulum Reef and swimming in these natural sinkholes filled with the clearest water you have ever seen!

Can You snorkel in Akumal?

  • Akumal is widely known for its close to the shore, easy to access snorkeling areas. With a short boat ride, you can delve right into the barrier reef and enjoy the shallow waters and schools of tropical fish. Most of the snorkeler’s goals are to see the green sea turtles when they embark on an excursion in Akumal.

Which are the best cenotes to swim in Tulum?

  • The cenotes around Tulum are some of the best ones! It is difficult to decide which one to visit because they are all unique and magnificent, but here we feature 5 that are not only the most attractive ones but also excellent for swimming. Dos Ojos is one the most famous cenote in Mexico.

image-Is snorkeling in Tulum Mexico worth it?
image-Is snorkeling in Tulum Mexico worth it?
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