Is there more than one Orpheum Theatre?

Why are so many Theatres called Orpheum?

The Orpheum Theatre, named for the Greek mythological figure Orpheus, opened in 1926 as the fourth and final Los Angeles venue for the Orpheum circuit, and the second Orpheum Theatre to be built on Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles.

Where is the Orpheum in Julie and the Phantoms?

The real Orpheum opened on February 15, 1926, on 842 S. Broadway.

Who has played the Orpheum?

Since its February 15, 1926 opening, the Orpheum has played host to some of the most venerable names in show business – from burlesque queen Sally Rand, a young Judy Garland (as Francis Gumm) and comedian Jack Benny, to jazz greats like Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington.

When was the Orpheum Theatre built?

The theatre first opened in 1926 as one of the many designed by architect B. Marcus Priteca for theater-circuit owner Alexander Pantages. The interior features a vaulted ceiling, while the facade is a Plateresque (Late Spanish Gothic) Revival. The Orpheum seats 2,197 patrons.

Does Luke like Julie?

They never admitted their feelings for each other in the first season, but both Charlie Gillespie and Madison Reyes know that Julie and Luke totally like each other. “Come on, it's hard for them. They don't stay it because it's impossible,” Charlie told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “That's the way Luke feels, at least.Oct 7, 2020

Did Luke Reggie and Alex come back to life?

Based on the Brazilian series Julie e os Fantasmas, the season 1 finale of Julie And The Phantoms ended with Luke, Reggie, and Alex coming back to life, and evil magician Caleb Covington possessing Nick's body to seek revenge.Sep 13, 2020

What are the best seats at the Orpheum?

As a general rule of thumb in the Orpheum Theatre, the lower the seat number, the better, as seat numbers in the 100s will put you in the center sections, and seat numbers in the 10s will put you in the side sections.May 22, 2019

What does the word Orpheum mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Orpheum is a name often used for theatres or other entertainment venues.

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image-Is there more than one Orpheum Theatre?
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