Is Turkey Hill sold everywhere?

Where is Turkey Hill ice cream manufactured?

Located in the heart of farm-rich Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Turkey Hill Dairy, founded in 1931, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of branded ice cream and refrigerated drinks for the retail, food service, and alternative channels, both nationwide and internationally.Jul 8, 2019

Is Turkey Hill ice cream made in the USA?

Turkey Hill Experience

It opened in June 2011 and is located in Columbia, Pennsylvania, just six miles from the company's main production facility in Conestoga, Pennsylvania.

What ice cream is made in Pennsylvania?

The Penn State Berkey Creamery is known for a wide variety of homemade ice cream flavors and is more than 150 years old! From fresh scoops of delicious ice cream, to an assortment of specialty cheeses and other tasty treats like their Penn State Meats!Aug 17, 2021

Where did Turkey Hill ice cream originate?

A place rich in history. Located in the rich farming country of Lancaster County's Manor Township, Turkey Hill Dairy owes its unusual name to the Susquehannock Native Americans who lived along the Susquehanna River flatlands just north of the ridge where the dairy is located.

Is Turkey Hill a PA thing?

Located in Columbia, PA, the Turkey Hill Experience features interactive exhibits allowing you to learn about dairy culture, the story of Turkey Hill Dairy, and how the company's ice cream and iced tea flavors are selected and created. ...

Is Turkey Hill ice cream still in business?

Turkey Hill Dairy, the Lancaster County manufacturer of premium ice creams and iced tea, is being sold by its parent company, Kroger to Peak Rock Capital, a Texas-based private equity firm. ... “It'll remain business as usual. Same great products same team.Mar 19, 2019

Does Turkey Hill make their own ice cream?

All Natural Ice Cream Flavors

Get a good taste of Lancaster County lifestyle with Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream — churned with all natural ingredients and a little extra cream for unforgettable richness.

What ice cream Delight was first served in Latrobe?

A 23-year-old pharmacist apprentice named David Evans Strickler is credited with inventing the banana triple ice cream sundae in 1904. Back then, this was a high-priced dessert costing 10 cents, or twice the price of other ice cream sundaes where Strickler worked at the Tassel Pharmacy in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.Jun 14, 2021

How many stores does Turkey Hill have in PA?

Number of stores: There are more than 270 Turkey Hill stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.Apr 13, 2021

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Who bought out Turkey Hill?

Turkey Hill was acquired by an affiliate of Peak Rock Capital in April 2019.Jun 3, 2020


Is Turkey Hill owned by Cumberland Farms?

The company has 1,700+ stores with locations across the United States which include the following banners: Cumberland Farms, Certified Oil, Fastrac, Kwik Shop, Loaf N' Jug, Minit Mart, Quik Stop, Sprint, Tom Thumb, and Turkey Hill.


Where is Turkey Hill ice cream made?

  • The Turkey Hill Experience is a 17,000 sq ft (1,600 m2) attraction based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania that pays homage to Turkey Hill Dairy’s history while highlighting its ice cream and iced tea-making processes.


Is there gluten in Turkey Hill ice cream?

  • Gluten-Free Ice Cream Brands. Turkey Hill Dairy. Turkey Hill places a "gluten-free" label on flavors that contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten. Possibilities include Choco Mint Chip, Columbian Coffee, Peaches 'N Cream and Rum Raisin, along with Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla.


What are the flavors of Turkey Hill ice cream?

  • Turkey Hill produces 72 full-time and Limited Edition flavors of ice cream, frozen yogurt and sherbet available in 48-US-fluid-ounce (1,400 mL), 1-US-pint (470 mL) sizes and 3-US-gallon (11 L) sizes for use by ice cream shops.

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