Is US 41 a divided highway in Indiana?

Where does US 41 turn north on SR 63?

  • US 41 again reduces to a two-lane highway and continues north, going past Rob Roy and Attica. Past Attica, US 41 turns northwest and rejoins the four-lane highway near Kramer, at the northern terminus of SR 63. US 41 continues northbound as a divided highway with a few crossovers at SR 26, SR 352 at Boswell, and SR 18.

What is the road to Terre Haute called?

  • It enters the state south of Evansville as a four-lane divided highway passing around Vincennes and traveling north to Terre Haute. In Terre Haute, it is known as 3rd Street. North of Terre Haute, it hooks east and becomes a two-lane surface road. Those wanting to stay on a four-lane divided highway can use State Road 63 to the west.

What is the intersection of US 41 and US 52?

  • Past SR 63, US 41 has an interchange with US 52 eastbound, which heads southeast towards Lafayette and Indianapolis as a four-lane divided rural highway. US 52 westbound joins with US 41 heading north towards Kentland In 2008, a wind farm was built next to the highway near Earl Park. In Kentland, the road junctions with US 24.

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image-Is US 41 a divided highway in Indiana?
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