What are the best vacation spots on the east coast?

What are the best cities to visit on the east coast?

  • Roanoke,Virginia. This historic city in the mountains is the epitome of Virginia charm. ...
  • Brunswick,Georgia. As the mainland entry point for the Golden Isles,Brunswick has its fair share of nature escapes. ...
  • Annapolis,Maryland. ...
  • Block Island,Rhode Island. ...
  • Killington,Vermont. ...
  • Fairhaven,Massachusetts. ...
  • Myrtle Beach,South Carolina. ...

What are the best vacation spots on the east coast?

Six Best Vacation Spots On the East Coast

  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a popular destination for many families – especially in the summertime.
  • Daytona Beach, Florida. Daytona Beach, Florida takes you back in time to classic Florida. ...
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia. Virginia Beach, Virginia is an incredible place to visit. ...
  • Savannah, Georgia. ...
  • Miami Beach, Florida. ...

What are the best resorts on the east coast?

The 10 Best Ski Resorts on the East Coast UPDATED 2019/20

  1. Mont Tremblant.
  2. Sugarbush Resort.
  3. Stowe Mountain Resort.
  4. Sugarloaf.
  5. Jay Peak.
  6. Killington Resort.
  7. Whiteface Mountain Resort.
  8. Cannon Mountain.
  9. Mad River Glen.
  10. Wildcat Mountain Ski Resort.

What are the best cities to live on the east coast?

When it comes to places to visit on the east coast there is no doubt that cities such as Boston, New York City, Virginia Beach, Jacksonville and Miami are some of the best east coast cities to visit if you want a ton of city attractions.

What can you find on the east coast?

Common Florida Seashells

  • Ark Shells. The arks and tiny coquina shells are the only two types I can pretty much guarantee you will see on Florida East coast beaches.
  • Oyster Shells. If you come across some lumpy, bumpy and often ugly shells they are probably oyster shells. ...
  • The Horse Conch. ...
  • More Shells We Find While Boating. ...

Which state is on the east coast?

East Coast states include Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida as well as Washington D.C.

What are the top 20 cities to visit in the US?

  • Philadelphia.
  • Detroit.
  • Savannah.
  • Portland, Maine.
  • Columbus, Indiana.
  • Richmond, Virginia.
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  • Baltimore.
  • San Antonio.

Where should you plan a romantic east coast weekend getaway?

There are also great options in the area to plan a romantic east coast weekend getaway. Of course, the city affords more than just hiking and food. Despite its name, Asheville was actually the filming site of a recent Academy Award winning film, and the state has even made a guide for fans to visit famous scene locations.

Why visit the east coast for a weekend?

The East Coast truly has something for everyone, whether you are a solitary traveler, a couple looking for a romantic weekend, a family who needs kid-friendly attractions, or a group of friends who want to make new memories. Discover the best places to visit on your next short break with our list of the top weekend getaways on the East Coast.


Where to go for a weekend getaway?

East Coast travelers have many exciting choices when planning a last minute weekend getaway. If you live in the NYC area, quick trips include romantic inns, family beach spots, fun activities, affordable ideas with kids, and historical attractions. Visit the Catskills, Hudson Valley, Montauk, Newport and more on your last minute vacation.


What are the best family beaches on the east coast?

  1. Old Orchard Beach, Maine. You won’t ever hear your kids complain about being bored in Old Orchard Beach, where there’s seven miles of sand they can run and play ...
  2. Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. New Hampshire might be better known for its mountains than its beaches. ...
  3. West Dennis, Massachusetts. ...
  4. Westerly, Rhode Island. ...
  5. Madison, Connecticut. ...


What are the best ski resorts on the east coast?

  • The ski resort Stowe is the best ski resort on the East Coast. With 4.2 out of 5 stars, it has the highest rating on the East Coast.


Where are the best beaches on the east coast to visit?

From Maine to Florida, the East Coast of the United States has plenty of places to explore. Among the top weekend getaways are numerous beaches, from romantic beaches on Cape Cod to the excitement and amusements at Ocean City.


Is there such thing as a good weekend getaway?

There’s nothing quite like a good weekend getaway. Years ago, when I first moved to Virginia, I was gone three weekends a month. My husband and I took exploration seriously and our central geography meant we could take east coast getaways without much hassle.

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