What county is El Dorado Hills CA in?

What is El Dorado Hills known for?

  • El Dorado Hills lies about 18.6 miles from the 1848 gold find site in Coloma, the impetus for the California Gold Rush. Gold was washed down the South Fork of the American River, into areas now in El Dorado Hills and Folsom, but farming and ranching supplanted the Gold Rush.

What congressional district is El Dorado Hills in?

  • In the United States House of Representatives, El Dorado Hills is in California's 4th congressional district, represented by Republican Tom McClintock. As an unincorporated area, the local government of El Dorado Hills is that of El Dorado County.

What is the population of El Dorado Hills Fire Department?

  • The El Dorado Hills Fire Department reported a population of 42,078 in its service area at the end of 2007. The Fire Department's district covers a larger geographic area than the CSD and is more nearly equivalent to the El Dorado County definition of the El Dorado Hills Community Region.

image-What county is El Dorado Hills CA in?
image-What county is El Dorado Hills CA in?
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