What is a dry loop?

What is att DSL service?

  • AT&T Uverse High Speed Internet is technically a DSL connection. This service level, where available, does provide more than average features. Using a fiber to node and fiber to premises network, AT&T is able to provide its subscribers with lightning fast speeds and a variety of other package options.

What is dry loop Internet?

  • Dry loop is internet service not packaged with land-line telephone service for. DSL stands for digital subscriber line and is one of the high-speed internet services.

What is dry loop DSL?

  • At its simplest definition, Dry Loop DSL, also called Naked DSL, means that you have a DSL connection without an accomanying phone service. It is wired, and looks identical to a regualar pots phone connection, but an extra connector in your outside phone box.

image-What is a dry loop?
image-What is a dry loop?
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