What is an Ocean City used for?

What is the population of Ocean City MD?

  • The population was 7,102 at the 2010 U.S. census, although during summer weekends the city hosts between 320,000 and 345,000 vacationers, and up to 8 million visitors annually. During the summer, Ocean City becomes the second most populated municipality in Maryland, after Baltimore.

What is the history of Ocean City NJ?

  • Based on a referendum on April 30, 1884, the borough of Ocean City was formed from portions of Upper Township, following an act of the New Jersey Legislature on May 3, 1884. The ship Sindia joined other shipwrecks on the beach on December 15, 1901, on its way to New York City from Kobe, Japan, but has since sunk below the sand.

Where is the Ocean City boardwalk located?

  • The Ocean City Boardwalk currently runs from South 2nd Street at the Ocean City Inlet in South Ocean City (by the Ocean City Life Saving Museum) up to 27th Street in South Ocean City.

image-What is an Ocean City used for?
image-What is an Ocean City used for?
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