What is Christian's finisher?

Who invented the Killswitch wrestling move?

Innovated by Tommy Rogers as the Tomikaze, it was popularized by Christian, who used this move as a finisher in WWE/TNA; it is perhaps better known as the Killswitch, but he has previously called it the Impaler (1998–1999) and the Unprettier (1999–2009).

Who invented the unprettier?

8 Do It Better: Tyler Breeze (Unprettier)

The move was originally created by WWE legend, Christian, and whilst he certainly made it a great finisher during his singles run, the move simply suits Breeze and his Prince Pretty character better.
Jun 28, 2019

What is the unprettier?

The Killswitch or Unprettier is a move that was popularized by former WWE World Champion Christian. The move which is technically known as the inverted double underhook facebuster involves grabbing the arms of an opponent from their behind and then maneuvering themselves in front of the opponent.Aug 18, 2020

Why is the move called 619?

The name stems from Rey Misterio Jr.'s hometown area code; other wrestlers using the move may use their own area code. The move itself is an evolution of a Tiger Mask dive fakeout spot, which Misterio credits when talking about the move.

What is edges signature?

Edge found this in the spear—his primary finisher. After hitting a combination of the previously-mentioned signature moves, Edge would most often back down to a corner opposite of his opponent. While Edge's prey stumbled to his feet, Edge taunted him with his signature "get up" taunt.Aug 18, 2015

Is The Burning Hammer banned?

The Burning Hammer

In the WWE, Tyler Reks used the move, but got into an altercation with John Cena who forced him to change the move, thus banning it. The Burning Hammer was revived by Brian Kendrick during the Cruiserweight Classic, as he used it on Kota Ibushi.
Aug 8, 2020

What is a flapjack in wrestling?

Khali, went for a flapjack, a regulation move in wrestling parlance, where the opponent is strategically tossed up.Dec 17, 2015

What is a suplex in wrestling?

A suplex is an offensive move used in amateur and professional wrestling. It is a throw that involves lifting the opponents and bridging or rolling to slam them on their backs. Professional wrestling features many different varieties of suplexes (suplices).

What is a sister Abigail?

Sister Abigail is a professional wrestling character used by WWE under the brand name SmackDown, portrayed by both Shelly Martinez and Daffney.

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What is Bianca Belair finisher called?

Bianca Belair has put many foes away with the KOD (Kiss of Death), including Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 37. The KOD is a torture rack into a facebuster and the name comes from rapper J.Aug 14, 2021


What type of move is the styles clash?

The Styles Clash is the finishing move of A.J. Styles in which the attacking wrestler grabs around his or her opponent's midsection and lifts so that the opponent is held upside down and facing the same direction as the attacking wrestler.


Did AJ Styles invent the styles clash?

There is also heat on SmackDown Diva Michelle McCool and her new finisher the "Faith Breaker". As we all know, this move was first used by AJ Styles, he calls his move the "Styles Clash". He invented the move, and everyone knows it in TNA. In fact, the WWE has recognized that the move was Styles' innovation themselves.


Who invented the Impaler DDT?

Although widely credited as an invention of Jake Roberts, who gave the DDT its famous name, the earliest known practitioner of the move was Mexican wrestler Black Gordman, who frequently performed it during the 1970s.


Who created the styles clash?

During an interview with ITN Wrestling, Raw star and two-time WWE Champion AJ Styles opened up about how he created his Styles Clash finisher.Jan 16, 2021

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