What is sober travel sober?

Do sober Senorita travelers plan trips?

  • Kelly Fitzgerald, who runs the lifestyle blog The Adventures of a Sober Senorita, has never traveled with a sober travel company but hopes to soon. She plans trips herself and finds that the planning process goes much smoother now that she doesn’t drink. “I stick to my plans and I get a lot more activities done.

What are the best sober retreats in the US?

  • Attitude of Gratitude Sober Cruises(Florida). Twice a year, April and October departures. For info, call 1-772-801-3391. Black Mountain Center(Cazadero, California). "We are a beautiful and affordable rural retreat center north of San Francisco for spiritual seekers and workshops of all kinds.

Where can I Go Sober camping in Mexico?

  • Clean and Sober camping trips since 1986. Casa Hamaca,Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico. "Since there are twelve steps leading up to the main entrance of the Casa Hamaca, any member of any twelve-step program is welcome to visit us in a safe, secure atmosphere.

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