What is Spectrum Center in Irvine?

Is there a shopping center in Irvine CA?

  • Irvine Spectrum Center is one of Southern California's most popular entertainment and shopping destinations featuring Nordstrom, Target, Anthropologie and more.… Can you suggest a quiet place for lunch in Irvine? You can view our restaurant directory here: What time does their vallet closed?

What are the hours of the iirvine Spectrum Center?

  • Irvine Spectrum Center Hours. RETAILERS*. Sunday - Thursday. 10am - 9pm. Friday - Saturday. 10am - 10pm. RESTAURANTS*. Sunday - Thursday. 11am - 9pm.

What brands do you shop at Spectrum?

  • The art of the shopping spree is perfected at the Spectrum. Simple or trendy, shop stylish standouts like Nordstrom, STANCE, Vans, and HEAT. Shop industry influencers like H&M, lululemon, Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie.

image-What is Spectrum Center in Irvine?
image-What is Spectrum Center in Irvine?
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