What is the best coral reef in the world?
Coral reefs deserve protection for their natural value. In addi-tion, the economic, tourist, and recreational and privateresourcesof the Bahamas are dependent upon thecontinuedhealth of the coral reef. The coral reef ecosystem is the breed-ing ground for 90% of all local commercially harvested sea lifeand 70% of sportfish. Coral reefs are a barrier to stormsurgesand hurricanes, absorbing the impact of wave and windaction for many of the islands.

What is the most popular coral reef?

The largest and most famous coral reef in the world is the Great Barrier Reef, located off the coast of Queensland, Australia. One of the seven wonders of the natural world, it stretches for over 2,300 km, and is a result of the build up of coral organisms over millions of years.

What are facts about the coral reef?

Coral Reef Facts. Coral reefs are rocky mounds and/or ridges formed in the sea by living things through the accumulation and deposition of limestone (calcium carbonate). These undersea palaces are home to more species of fishes, corals, and many other type of marine life than any other ocean habitat.

Where is the reef in the Bahamas?

The Reef offers the conveniences of home and the amenities of a luxury residential community. Adjacent to The Cove, The Reef rests upon the white sand beaches of Paradise Island with the gracious relaxation of the Bahamian culture.

image-What is the best coral reef in the world?
image-What is the best coral reef in the world?
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