What is the history of the Rio Ruidoso?

Where is the town of Ruidoso New Mexico?

  • Village in New Mexico, United States. Downtown Ruidoso (2006) Ruidoso is a village in Lincoln County, New Mexico, United States, adjacent to the Lincoln National Forest.

Where can I find photos of Ruidoso?

  • Lyn Kidder is the author of the photo history book Ruidoso and Ruidoso Downs, available at the Ruidoso Valley Chamber of Commerce and many area businesses. Local photographer Herb Brunell compiled the photos for the book.

Who was Ruidoso's first mayor?

  • Ike Wingfield became Ruidoso’s first mayor in 1946, and his descendants are prominent members of the community. But it was the availability of the automobile and the construction of a primitive road that opened the way for visitors to enjoy Ruidoso’s cool pines. In 1914, the first cabins were built at the end of the Upper Canyon.

image-What is the history of the Rio Ruidoso?
image-What is the history of the Rio Ruidoso?
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