What is the largest ski resort in Vermont?

What is the largest ski resort in Vermont?

Biggest ski resort in Vermont (116.8 km)

The ski resort Killington is the biggest ski resort in Vermont.

What is the number one ski resort in Vermont?

1. Okemo Mountain Resort. Known for its constant updating and for the extent and quality of its on- and off-slope facilities, Okemo Mountain Resort consistently earns top awards and ratings for snow quality and grooming, terrain parks, family programs, resort dining, and customer service.Oct 21, 2021

Which is better Stowe or Killington?

Killington will definitely have better "nightlife" options and music. Stowe probably has better high-end restaurants, but there are plenty of good places to eat in Killington. They are both great mountains with a ton of terrain. Killington is probably a little bigger with more terrain, but Stowe is right up there.Dec 23, 2012

What is the biggest ski resort in the Northeast?

The ski resort Killington is the biggest ski resort in the Northeastern United States. The total slope length is 116.8 km.

Who owns Killington?

LBO Resort Enterprises has purchased S-K-I Ltd., owner of Killington Ski Resort in Vermont, for $137 million. Mike Krongel advised the management and shareholders of LBO, which has changed its name to American Skiing Company.

Where is Berkshire East ski resort?

Berkshire East Ski Resort is a medium-sized alpine ski area in the northeastern United States, located in the Berkshires on Mount Institute in Charlemont and Hawley, Massachusetts . Organized skiing started on Mt. Institute in the mid-1950s when Arthur Parker opened a small rope tow operation.

How many ski resorts are in Vermont?

There are 22 ski resorts in Vermont. From high end eastern resorts to private ski hills to local rope tows, there's plenty of ski experiences to choose from when you ski in Vermont. To learn more about alpine and cross country skiing in VT, visit

How long is the ski season in Vermont?

Skiing in Vermont is legendary. With as much as 25 feet of natural snow each winter and state-of-the-art snowmaking and grooming equipment, conditions are dependable; many resorts open in late November and don't close until mid-April.Oct 21, 2021

Does Stowe have a village?

The Spruce Peak Village | Stowe.


What are the best ski trails at Stowe?

Start with one of Stowe's black diamond trails, like Hayride . If that goes well, head to National . Next would be Liftline and Starr . If you are still feeling good about yourself, then maybe it's time for Goat , which in places is no more than four or five bumps wide.Dec 28, 2007


Is Stowe a good place to ski?

With some great terrain and a lively village, Stowe provides some fun activities both on and off the mountain. And if safety is your concern for this year, Stowe has truly put in the time and effort to ensure a fun and safe season for all. So strap on your skis and enjoy the snow.Jan 3, 2021


Who owns Catamount Ski Area?

In May, 2018 the Schaefer family, of Charlemont MA, longtime owners / managers of Berkshire East Mountain Resort purchased Catamount Ski Area. Integration of the two businesses began immediately.


What time is night skiing at Berkshire East?

Night lift tickets will be offered from 4pm to close on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. If you're just learning, be sure to consider our lift, lesson and rental package.


Who owns Berkshire East ski resort?

Berkshire East is Bought By Roy Schaefer.


What is the vertical drop of Berkshire East?

Berkshire East offers about 1000 feet of true (non-inflated) vertical drop, with about 200 acres (0.8 km2) of skiable terrain.


What is a direct to lift card?

WHAT DOES DIRECT-TO-LIFT (DTL) MEAN? This is a feature of all Multi-Day Passes (i.e. T Card, 3-Day, 6-Day, 10-Day, Military Card, etc.) which allows the pass holder to simply go directly to the lift without having to add/reserve days to their pass.Sep 23, 2020


How high is Jiminy Peak?

Summit elevation is 2,380 feet (base elevation 1,245 feet). Jiminy Peak is a great ski destination for families and beginners. The resort has long, wide groomed beginner and intermediate runs serviced by an updated chairlift system.


Which is bigger Sunday River or Sugarloaf?

The “Loaf” has a whopping 2,820' vertical and the only lift-serviced, above tree-line snowfields in New England. ... But Sunday River boasts 16 lifts, 2 more than the Loaf, and more of them high speed. Both have added glades, Brackett Basin at the Loaf and Blind Ambition expansion at the River.


How difficult is Stratton?

Forty-two percent of the terrain is rated beginner, 31 percent intermediate and 27 percent advanced, though there's little truly challenging terrain for experts — which the resort tacitly acknowledges by using “advanced” rather than the more common “expert” to categorize its toughest trails.Nov 29, 2013


Is Killington or Stratton better?

if you're choosing between Killington and Stratton I'd say go to Stratton. I've spent extensive time at all of the southern VT mountains and Stratton is one of my favorites. It can be very busy on a weekend but if you avoid the gondola and take one of the regular lifts up it's a bit better.Jan 12, 2014


What is the best month to ski in Vermont?

Those late winter into early spring days usually provide the best ski experience at any New England ski area. March is typically the biggest snowfall month of the season and longer days provide the opportunity for extended operating hours.Oct 1, 2019


Which is better Stratton or Okemo?

Stratton is nearer to NY/South but is crowded at peak season. Okemo is a great cruiser mountain and has some more challenging vertical. Smuggler's is a bit more remote (though closer to Burlington if you are flying and make that your entry point).


Is East Coast or West Coast skiing better?

While many skiers seek out the West as a destination spot for the sport, the East Coast also offers an experience rich in culture and history. There are a number of differences between skiing on the two coasts. Mountains on the West Coast tend to be much higher in elevation.


What is the largest ski resort in the US?

The ski resort Park City (same size: Big Sky Resort) is the biggest ski resort in the United States of America. The total slope length is 250 km.


Which is better Mt Snow or Okemo?

Registered. If you got park rats with you Mount Snow is the best, but Okemo is a great mountain to just ride around on. It's not about how many runs you get, it's the quality of the turns you made.Dec 15, 2010


Does Vermont have ski mountains?

Ski Vermont serves its 20 Alpine and 30 Cross Country resorts in three major areas: Governmental Affairs, Marketing and Public Affairs.


Is Vermont close to NY?

Distance from Vermont to New-York

The shortest distance (air line) between Vermont and New-York is 275.36 mi (443.15 km). The shortest route between Vermont and New-York is 342.69 mi (551.51 km) according to the route planner.


What is the snowiest month in Vermont?

Historically, March tends to be not only the snowiest month in Vermont, but also the busiest, with many events to entertain guests on ski area and resort calendars.Mar 6, 2018


Is there powder in Vermont?

Any day spent skiing or riding the slopes of Vermont is a good day – but some are better than others. Often, it's the plentiful powder underfoot; other times it's the perfect companionship, postcard weather or the satisfaction of getting a fantastic deal on lift tickets or lodging.Oct 1, 2019


What are the best ski resorts in Vermont?

  • Best ski resort in Vermont. The ski resort Stowe is the best ski resort in Vermont. With 4.2 out of 5 stars, it has the highest rating in Vermont. Evaluated by, the world's largest evaluation and test portal for ski resorts.


Where is the best place to ski in Vermont?

  • Best Places to Ski in Vermont. Downhill skiers will generally have more fun out west because of the great mountain ranges, like the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevadas . The best place for downhill skiers in the East is Stowe Mountain Resort in Stowe, Vermont.


What is the best ski town in Vermont?

  • 1. Stowe , Vermont. Stowe is a 200-year old village and one of Vermont's favorite ski towns, complete with a quaint main street and two ski resorts: Stowe Mountain Resort, which spreads across Vermont’s highest peak, Mt. Mansfield, and Smugglers' Notch Resort.


What mountain is Stowe on?

Surrounded by majestic Mount Mansfield—the highest peak in Vermont—and Spruce Peak, Stowe is filled with activities and adventures for every season and every guest: skiing, snowboarding, ZipTour, Gondola SkyRide, the historic Auto Toll Road, shopping, dining and more.


Is Stowe Mountain good for beginners?

Stowe has a dedicated beginner mountain, Spruce Peak, where one of their ski schools is located. This is an easy and comfortable spot that provides beginners through racers with room to try and hone their new skills.


Is Stowe a difficult mountain?

It is made up of two mountain areas, Spruce Peak and Mansfield. Together there are 116 trails, over half of them graded at the intermediate difficulty level. With just 16% of the trails graded as greens, Stowe is also considered a very good option for experienced skiers and snowboarders.


Is Stowe owned by Vail?

Those resorts include Stowe, Vail, Beaver Creek, Whistler Blackcomb, Beckenridge, Keystone, Park City, Heavenly, Northstar, Kirkwood, Wilmot, Afton Alps, Mt. ... Brighton, Perisher and Arapahoe Basin.Jun 8, 2017


Is Stowe good for intermediate skiers?

Stowe also offers a wide selection of intermediate terrain. Most runs under the gondola and on Spruce Peak are nice, groomed cruisers, while the Fourrunner lift services a few enjoyable blue runs as well. Some blue trails sport moguls, a rarity among Vermont resorts that may catch some intermediate skiers off guard.Feb 26, 2020


How hard is goat at Stowe?

Goat, Stowe | Steep is one thing; steep and a double fall line together make Goat among the most challenging runs in New England. With an average pitch of about 36 degrees, the trail drops more than 2,000 feet, presenting rock ledges, boulders and streams along the way.Nov 29, 2020


Is Sugarloaf bigger than Killington?

With a recent 655-acre expansion of backcountry-style glades, Sugarloaf has surpassed Killington in size. It does not, however, have Killington's mile-long access road filled with bars and clubs.Jan 6, 2013


How many trails are at Jiminy Peak?

With it's top notch snowmaking capabilities, family-friendly atmosphere, night skiing, and proximity to NYC, Boston, Hartford, and Albany, Jiminy Peak is a New England ski resort like no other. Our ski area boosts over 45 skiing and snowboarding trails covering over 167 acres.


Where do you put RFID ski pass?

But now, with RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology, you can just place a credit card-sized pass in a pocket on your left side at upper arm height. The RFID chip in the pass tells the lift systems who you are and opens the gates that allow entry to chairlifts. It also tracks your movements on the mountain.Apr 12, 2017


What is WTP number?

What is a WTP number ? The WTP number is a unique individual code that is listed at the bottom of your "hands free" lift pass. If the number is not legable, come and see us at the ticket office. It consists of a series of 8 characters-3 characters-3 characters.


Does Whiteface have military discount?

Whiteface offers a Military Discount Card for qualifying military guests! With saving of 50% off of mid-week non-holiday lift tickets and 25% off of weekends & holidays. ... Valid military ID designating active or retired status is required, either in the form of a CAC Card, DOD Form 1173, or DD Form 214.


Where is the snow tubing center at Berkshire East?

Berkshire East is the only ski area in the world to produce 100% of its energy from onsite renewable energy. The Snow Tubing Center is located on the far-right side of our ski resort. Tubing tickets are purchased in the West Lodge.


Why work at Berkshire East Mountain Resort?

Berkshire East is the only ski area in the world to produce 100% of its energy from onsite renewable energy. Berkshire East Mountain Resort offers many different types of jobs. Our jobs all focus on the customer experience and cultivating a sense of community that permeates the facility.


What's new at Berkshire East?

Berkshire East is currently the only alpine ski area in Franklin County open to the public. In 2010, the Diamond Express Hall double chairlift (1978) was replaced with a Poma triple chairlift. In 2011, the ski area added a PowerWind 56 900 kW wind turbine.

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