What is the meaning of Yonkers?

What is the meaning behind Yonkers by Tyler the creator?

  • Widely publicized as Tyler, The Creator’s breakout song, “Yonkers” was the first single off his debut album, Goblin. The song’s title is named after the city of Yonkers, New York. Tyler said that the song made was as a joke to mimic New York hip-hop beats: Dude, niggas don’t know that that beat was made as a joke.

What are some fun things to do in Yonkers?

  • The Saint Andrew’s Golf Club, the oldest in the United States, was organized in Yonkers in 1888; it has since moved to Hastings-on-Hudson. The local Hudson River Museum has regional art and science exhibits. Inc. village, 1855; city, 1872.

When did Yonkers become part of New York City?

  • In 1874 the southern part of the town, including Kingsbridge and Riverdale, was annexed by New York City as The Bronx. In 1898, Yonkers (along with Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island) voted on a referendum to determine if they wanted to become part of New York City.

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