What is the Molo Beverello?

Where can I travel with nanaples Beverello?

  • Naples Beverello has routes with Favignana (Aegadian Islands) and Capri, Casamicciola/Ischia, Forio/Ischia, Ischia and Procida (Gulf Of Naples) and Castellammare and Sorrento (Italy) and Trapani (Sicily) and Ustica (Ustica Island).

How to get from Naples to Naples Beverello?

  • The lines between Naples Beverello and any other destination are provided by well known ferry operators such as Snav and Snav which offer 140 weekly sailings with maximum duration of 55 min and frequent, all day departures. Ships that operate this crossing allow both vehicles and foot passengers.

image-What is the Molo Beverello?
image-What is the Molo Beverello?
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