What is the Union Club of British Columbia?

Why choose the union club Victoria?

The Union Club is committed to preparing and presenting cuisine of the highest quality, using fresh and local ingredients wherever possible. Victoria and its surrounding farmlands are at the forefront of “local and sustainable” food practices in Canada, which means that there is a bounty of superb natural foodstuffs available to our kitchen staff.

Where is the union club?

The Union Club is located in the heart of downtown Victoria, right next to one of Canada’s most beautiful harbours and within walking distance of dozens of interesting shops, restaurants, art galleries, bookstores, eco-adventures, and tourist attractions.

Why stay at the inn at the union club?

The Inn at the Union Club, with its 22 guest rooms and suites, offers comfortable overnight accommodation for Members, their guests and business associates. The Union Club caters to Victoria’s business community by providing a variety of venues for banquets, business meetings, events and conferences.

image-What is the Union Club of British Columbia?
image-What is the Union Club of British Columbia?
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