What should I put in my mini fridge?

Is a mini fridge OK to use?

Contrary to popular belief, a mini fridge is not only just for college students. It can also be used in one's garage, office, and many other places to keep drinks and snacks cool. To keep it working efficiently, you have to take good care of it.

Do mini fridges use lots of electricity?

Typically, a mini fridge uses about 80 to 100 watts to keep running. Many full-size refrigerators, depending on their energy efficiency rating and overall size, can run as low as 100 watts, but as high as about 250 watts. In short, you run the potential of running up 2.5x more of a bil with a full-sized refrigerator.

What to keep in a mini fridge?

Lunch meat is a great addition to any mini fridge due to its versatility. Roll it up with cheese or keep some bread in your room to make easy sandwiches. Other options for protein pick-me-ups include peanut or almond butter and edamame.

image-What should I put in my mini fridge?
image-What should I put in my mini fridge?
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