Where are Milbank products made?

Why choose Milbank?

  • With three American manufacturing facilities, several regional warehouses and over 4,000 distributors, Milbank is well-equipped to meet customer needs head-on and provide solutions in a rapidly evolving world. Good enough doesn’t work here.

Where is Milbank west located?

  • Milbank purchased a New America Electrical Corporation (aka Unicorn-Wadsworth) factory in Anaheim, Calif., creating Milbank West. High Capacity Products Company (A subsidiary of Milbank) broke ground on its fourth expansion in El Dorado since 1968.

What happened to Milbank Kokomo?

  • Milbank's Kokomo plant closes - many employees moved to positions in the Kansas City and Concordia plants. Milbank rebranded the company's logo, image and overall look and feel. The new logo pays homage to Milbank's rich history and the 'Milbank M', while looking fresh and up-to-date.

image-Where are Milbank products made?
image-Where are Milbank products made?
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