Where do gnats come from in Utah?

Do Cedar gnats really exist?

  • But Cedar Gnats are so tiny as to be quasi-invisible; you wave and swat, but you almost always miss them. On our last day the weather improved, and we stopped for a hike in Hovenweep National Monument (pic right). And for the first and only time of the long weekend, we finally encountered gnats.

Where do midges/gnats live?

  • Most midges/gnats are found in wet or semi-aquatic climates, but a smaller number have adapted to more arid environments. What we call Cedar Gnats in Southern Utah are specifically 9 different (maybe more) species of Culicoides.

Why do I have gnats in my Canyon?

  • Annoying as they are, biting gnats are an essential part of the web of life in canyon country. Many animals, including birds, fish, lizards, and other insects, depend on gnats as a food source. Loading results...

image-Where do gnats come from in Utah?
image-Where do gnats come from in Utah?
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