Where is cowanesque?

Where is Cowanesque Valley High School located?

Cowanesque Valley High School. Cowanesque Valley Junior-Senior High School is located in rural north central Pennsylvania. Our school is located at the western end of the Northern Tioga School District. The school houses students in grades 7-12.

What's the biggest man made lake in Pennsylvania?

Raytown Lake – the largest man-made lake in Pennsylvania's

The surface area of this lake is 8,300 square miles.
Jul 24, 2021

Where is cowanesque?

Located near Lawrenceville, PA, just below the New York state line, off US Route 15 and between PA Route 49 and County Route 58052.

Can you swim in cowanesque Lake?

Federally owned recreational lake with camping, fishing, boating, hiking, swimming, picnicking, and hunting. The campground has a swimming beach, playgrounds, a modern bathhouse, a camp store, a boat launch and mooring facilities.

What kind of fish are in cowanesque Lake?

Cowanesque Lake offers a diverse fishery with trophy sized tiger muskellunge and purebred muskellunge, as well as great smallmouth and largemouth bass, perch, crappies, catfish, walleyes, and purebred striped bass. Alewives are the dominant forage fish for all of these predators.

What county is cowanesque Lake in?

Cowanesque Lake is located in Tioga County, Pennsylvania. This lake is 1,078 acres in size.

What is the largest natural lake in PA?

Conneaut Lake is of glacial origin and the largest natural lake in Pennsylvania.

What is Pennsylvania's largest lake?

Lake Erie is the largest lake in Pennsylvania by size, but as part of the Great Lakes, it is not located entirely within the state. While most of the lakes in the state are man-made, there are 50 that were created by glaciers.Feb 3, 2020

Where is the Cowanesque River?

The Cowanesque River is a 41.4-mile-long (66.6 km) tributary of the Tioga River in Potter and Tioga counties, Pennsylvania, and Steuben County, New York, in the United States.

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