Where is Lunenburg Massachusetts (MA)?

Why did Lunenburg need its own town center?

  • The settlers found the walking distance to church and town meetings too great and needed their own town center. Whalom Park on Whalom Lake had long been a noted amusement park in Lunenburg during the 20th century. It was home of the famous Flyer Comet, now demolished.

How much does the town of Lunenburg spend on public libraries?

  • In fiscal year 2008, the town of Lunenburg spent 1.13% ($290,801) of its budget on its public library—some $29 per person. The public schools in town are the Lunenburg Primary School, Thomas C. Passios Elementary School (now closed), Turkey Hill Elementary School, and Lunenburg Middle-High School (recently opened).

How did Lunenburg get its name?

  • Lunenburg was first settled in 1718 and was officially incorporated in 1728. The name stems from one of the titles of King George II of Great Britain, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg. During King George's War, natives raided the village and took settlers captive to Quebec.

image-Where is Lunenburg Massachusetts (MA)?
image-Where is Lunenburg Massachusetts (MA)?
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