Where is Mount Victoria located in Canada?

How did Victoria Mountain get its name?

  • It was named in honor of Queen Victoria. The mountain stretches wide as the back drop for Lake Louise. There are glaciers on the north half of the mountain and often you can hear the roars fo avalanches and ice falls. The safest way to the summit is the South Ridge.

Is there a cemetery in Mount Victoria?

  • Our cemetery is hidden in the bush just outside the village of Mount Victoria. A project is currently underway to repair the gravestones of significance. Mount Victoria Cemetery, located one and a half kilometres south-east of the township, was established in 1881.

What type of rock is Mount Victoria?

  • Mount Victoria is composed of sedimentary rock laid down during the Cambrian period. Formed in shallow seas, this sedimentary rock was pushed east and over the top of younger rock during the Laramide orogeny. Based on the Köppen climate classification, Mount Victoria is located in a subarctic climate with cold, snowy winters, and mild summers.

image-Where is Mount Victoria located in Canada?
image-Where is Mount Victoria located in Canada?
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