Where is Peddocks Island?

Was Shutter Island filmed on Peddocks Island?

  • In 2008, Peddocks Island was used for filming scenes in Martin Scorsese 's Shutter Island, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. In 2011, Boston granted $7.8 million to renovate the island.

Is there ferry service between Peddocks Island and Georges Island?

  • Ferry service between Peddocks Island and Georges Island (where Fort Warren stands) is provided on a seasonal basis.

What kind of trees are on Peddocks Island?

  • There is a freshwater marsh on the southern end of Peddocks Island. Predominant tree and shrub species on the island include maple, birch, oak, pine, poplar, sumac, and apple. The island is also populated with wild roses and poison ivy.

image-Where is Peddocks Island?
image-Where is Peddocks Island?
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