Where is Swedish Covenant Hospital located?

Where is the Swedish Hospital in Chicago?

  • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Swedish Hospital (formerly Swedish Covenant Hospital) is a 312-bed nonprofit teaching hospital located on the north side of Chicago, Illinois.

When did Swedish Covenant Hospital open the Mayora Rosenberg health center?

  • In the fall of 2014, Swedish Covenant Hospital opened the Mayora Rosenberg Women's Health Center. In November 2014, Swedish Covenant Hospital announced a partnership with Land of Lincoln Health (LLH) and began offering medical insurance plans to individuals and small businesses.

What is Swedish hospital known for?

  • Swedish Hospital is an award-winning full-service 312-bed hospital that provides a full range of comprehensive health and wellness services and Chicago’s only certified medical fitness center—Galter LifeCenter. Swedish offers advanced clinical care in more than 50 academic-level medical specialties.

image-Where is Swedish Covenant Hospital located?
image-Where is Swedish Covenant Hospital located?
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