Where is the Gare du Nord in Paris?

What is the Gare du Nord method?

  • Due to its nature as one of the most used train stations in Paris, the Gare du Nord has become a confluence of West African migrants looking for jobs, advice, and to pick up women. This is regarded as the Gare du Nord Method.

How to get to magenta from the Gare du Nord?

  • The RER station is directly connected to Magenta station, which was constructed further underground to the east of the Gare du Nord. It is served by the RER E line that offers a link between the Gare du Nord and Saint-Lazare / Gare Saint-Lazare and to eastern Paris, to Bondy, Chelles and Tournan-en-Brie .

Where to find lost property in Paris Gare du Nord?

  • Paris Gare du Nord Lost Property The SNCF lost property office in Gare du Nord is open from 08:00 to 13:00, then 14:00 to 20:00 (ECT). It is located on level -1 next to the car rental agencies. To find out more, please go to [in French].

image-Where is the Gare du Nord in Paris?
image-Where is the Gare du Nord in Paris?
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