Where is the Powderhorn Chateau?

Why stay at the Powderhorn hotel?

  • The winning combination - suite in a beautiful hotel.The Powderhorn is a beautiful hotel, covered with wood. Combine that with a huge, one room suite, including a big veranda and you get the winning combination.

Is Powderhorn open for winter 2020/21?

  • Powderhorn is officially open for the 2020/21 Winter Season. There is no avoiding the fact that navigating your way around the resort will be different this winter. Changes are to be expected, including the mandate of face coverings for all guests.

Is the Powderhorn bike park a wildlife park?

  • The Powderhorn Bike Park operates in a mountain environment. You may encounter a variety of wildlife at any time while on the mountain . Learn more about this and other Mountain Safety protocols at Powderhorn. MISSION: AFFORDABLE 21.22 Season Passes are on sale now!

image-Where is the Powderhorn Chateau?
image-Where is the Powderhorn Chateau?
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