Which patio swing is best?

Is wood or metal porch swing better?

Choose hardwood if you need a natural look that can withstand most anything nature can throw its way with care on your end. Or with a metal porch swing if you need durability and use that will last a life time. If saving the environment and looking good while you do it is more your style, then go with poly materials.Sep 25, 2017

How long do porch swings last?

Will last outdoors 15+ years. Typically left unfinished or oiled only due to the beauty of the wood.

How much weight does a porch swing hold?

On average, porch swings have a maximum weight capacity of 550lbs (250kg). This number is directly linked to the strength of the chains, and the majority are rated at this number. You can purchase stronger chains at a hardware store, which will allow you to increase the weight capacity of your swing.Feb 15, 2021

What is the standard size of a porch swing?

Porch swings come in a variety of sizes but swings 4-5 feet in length are the most common. Seat depth varies widely, from as narrow as 18 inches to upwards of 46 inches for deeper swing beds.

How much do porch swings cost?

Types of Porch Swings

Depending on the size and quality of the swing, you might pay anywhere from $60 to $1,000 or more for a standard bench-style swing. You can purchase premade wooden swings from home improvement, hardware and garden stores.
Apr 9, 2021

What kind of porch swing should I get?

Natural Wood: One of the best choices for swing material is natural wood. Wooden porch swings are hard, sturdy, and are proven to withstand weather conditions. You can choose from different natural wood variations such as cedar, teak, cypress, and pine. Metal: Metal has two variations: aluminum or wrought iron.Oct 29, 2021

What is the best wood to use for a porch swing?

Cedar and redwood are the most commonly selected wood for outdoor swing sets, and for good reason. These woods are known for being naturally resistant to disease, rot, and insect infestation. You will also find swing sets made of spruce, pine, or fir.

What wood are porch swings made of?

You can get porch swings made from different types of wood. The most popular are cedar, pine, cypress and alder. Cedar is the most desirable wood for porch swings because it is very beautiful, naturally resistant to rot, and insect proof.

Is it better to paint or stain a porch swing?

High-quality woods take stain better, which requires less future maintenance because paint has a tendency to chip and fade faster. Paint is less durable than oils, but is still a good option if it helps you achieve the desired look for your swing.Jul 19, 2021

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How much room does a porch swing need?

An ideal place would have 3 to 4 feet of empty space fore and aft of the swing and at least 14 inches of clearance on each side. The swing should hang at least 17 inches from the floor so the average occupant's feet can touch the floor.Mar 24, 2021


What should I look for in a patio swing?

Before you buy a porch or patio swing for your home, you'll want to think about the weather in the area. Plastic swings may work best in areas that receive a lot of rain or snow, as these swings are easy to clean and withstand a lot of wear. An iron swing is also heavy and sturdy enough to withstand wind and snow.


Is it OK to hang a bench swing from deck joists?

Before you purchase a swing, you'll need to make sure you can safely hang it on your porch. Only a joist can safely hold the weight of a swing with people on it. A typical two-person swing can be supported by a single 2 x 8 joist, two 2 x 6 joists or three 2 x 4 joists.


How much weight can a swing bed hold?

How much weight will my swing hold? 800-1000 pounds.


How much weight can a swing hold?

Weight Limitations

The vast majority of playsets today have a maximum capacity of 250 lbs. Any adult who fit within this range can enjoy their swing sets just as much as the children. In fact, swinging on a swing is highly recommended as a stress relief method!
May 21, 2017

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