Which pier Does Royal Caribbean use in Cozumel?

Can you walk to the beach from cruise port in Cozumel?

There aren't really public beaches located in walking distance from the cruise ship dock on Cozumel, however it's possible to pay for day access to one of the nearby beach clubs. Walk south to the Money Bar Beach Club, a lively beachside hang with a restaurant and spa, as well as paddle board and snorkel gear rentals.

What pier does Disney use in Cozumel?

The Disney ships normally dock at the Punta Langosta pier down town. The taxi service in Cozumel is very safe and there is only one taxi company on the island.

Where does Viking dock in Cozumel?

Punta Langosta is Cozumel's local pier. It is used by ships, ferries and some of the smaller cruise lines. This is the best port to dock at if you want to have an authentic Cozumel exploration since it's right in the heart of San Miguel town. Cruise lines such as Norwegian, MSC, and Disney dock at this port.

Are there any Mayan ruins in Cozumel?

El Cedral is a Mayan ruin located on the southern end of Cozumel and one of the easiest to visit during a day on the Mexican island. El Cedral dates back to 800 A.D. and is the oldest Mayan site on the island. You can visit the remains of the temple, which once served as a revered ceremonial site and fertility temple.

Is Cozumel walkable?

Cozumel is a fantastic place to walk around and learn about the diversity of life along the coastlines and in the small city of San Miguel, while getting those steps in. You can find real guided hiking excursions through the Northern jungle and mangrove areas, or in other off-the-beaten-path locations, too.

Do cruise ships tender in Cozumel?

Anchoring and Tenders in Cozumel Cruise Port

When this happens, cruise ships will anchor close to both the Puerta Maya and the International Cruise Terminals and passengers will be tendered by local boats to adjacent, smaller piers on one of the terminals. These piers may also be used for shore excursions.

Can cruise ships dock in Cozumel?

Cruise ships dock in Cozumel in one of 3 piers-terminals. The Punta Langosta Pier is located at the southern end of San Miguel, the major town on the Island, at walking distance to the best shops, restaurants, and a few landmarks like the Benito Juarez Park or the Cozumel Island Museum.

Is Mahogany Bay owned by Carnival?

Mahogany Bay is the cruise ship port owned by Carnival Corporation, located on the island of Roatan. Roatan is a popular cruise ship stop in the Western Caribbean, typically on the same itinerary as Belize and Cozumel. ... The port can dock two ships at a time.

Is Cozumel safe right now?

OVERALL RISK : LOW. Generally, Cozumel is safe to travel. Military and police presence in and around Cozumel to help regulate the area and keep it safe for tourists. To remain safe, make sure that your belongings are secure when you are outdoor.Nov 18, 2019

image-Which pier Does Royal Caribbean use in Cozumel?
image-Which pier Does Royal Caribbean use in Cozumel?

Can you explore Cozumel on your own?

Exploring Cozumel on your own allows YOU to set the pace. ... Unlike some Caribbean islands that come to mind, Cozumel is an unusually safe vacation destination where you'll find the local population to be friendly, kind and civilized.

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