Who is Amado Boruto?

Is Nogales AZ rural?

About Nogales

Nogales is a rural colonias community and Arizona's largest international border community, with a population of under 21,000.

Is Amado a good guy?

While his true capabilities remain unknown, Amado is shown to be a very methodical and knowledgeable man. Well-prepared, he skilfully uses a variety of technology to prevail.

Who is Amado daughter?

It's hard to not to look at these reveals from two Kara members - who have a volatile connection - and not come away with one clear theory: Eida is Amado's daughter. It makes sense on a lot of levels. Amado is the greatest scientist not only in Kara, but arguably within the entire shinobi world.Apr 27, 2021

Why did Amado Defect to Konoha?

The reason he wants to defect is simply that he does not want to work for Jigen or endure the harsh conditions in which he has to work. Jigen essentially keeps him as a prisoner and he knows that as soon as his usefulness is up, he will be killed.

image-Who is Amado Boruto?
image-Who is Amado Boruto?
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