Why choose primeprime Laguna resorts?

Why choose prime Plaza Hotel Jogjakarta?

  • Prime Plaza Hotel Jogjakarta is an international resort-styled hotel located in the city's university district. The property features distinctive Javanese architecture, which imbues a sense of antiquity blended with modern facilities. Prime Plaza Hotel Purwakarta is the only four star international standard hotel in Purwakarta.

What is a primebiz hotel?

  • Our PrimeBiz Hotels are mid-scale full service hotels that focus on functionality whilst maintaining a comprehensive list of services and facilities in a more minimalist and modern environment.

What makes our Prime Plaza Hotels different?

  • Our Prime Plaza Hotels are 4 star properties with a strong emphasis on the business traveller offering extensive banquet and meeting facilities but also situated in Prime locations offering plenty for the leisure traveller as well.

image-Why choose primeprime Laguna resorts?
image-Why choose primeprime Laguna resorts?
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